I’m a senior software engineer craftsman and technical team lead located in Southeastern Wisconsin. As I was leaving high school and entering university life I had my mind made up. I was destined to be a mechanical engineer. Well, life takes some interesting turns on us. I reached that milestone and realized quickly mechanical engineering was not for me. Not because of the daily activities, not because of the mathematical modeling, and certainly not because of all the huge and amazing machinery. It was due to how slow the industry moved.

Rather than sit in a career I was no longer excited about. I took the leap back into the class room seeking a master's degree in Computer Science. My excitement with the field took root quickly and grew. This passion to solve the world's problems has never left me. It has only changed to different types of problems that I want to solve. This career change has made me even more passionate about teaching the next generation of the world. Everyone has a passion, I wish everyone could find their passion. Just as I have found mine.

Technologies C# | .NET Core | Java | SQL Server | MySQL | HTML | CSS