Welcome! I'm glad you are here. If you have not gotten the message already I'm Andrew. I am a software craftsperson located in upper midwest. You can checkout more about me on my about page.

I love to build things. During the day it is software as a full time Senior Engineer / Team Lead. In the evenings its a project in the garage or maybe even a new garage. Then at night after the house is quiet and everyone is tucked away in bed. Then it is time to write and reflect on the days past. Soaking in all the interesting learnings from the day.

For me there is no such thing as being content. There is always something to learn or do that intrigues me. This is why I don't sleep well, my mind is never at rest. It is a great thing I found software craftsperson-ship, as I have nearly all the tools I need sitting right here at my desk that can open all the world of opportunities for diving deeper into every subject my heart desires.

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