Active Leadership

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As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was privileged with the opportunity to be the head coach of a coach pitch baseball team this summer. The assistant coach began a post-game ceremony as the summer's games concluded. I loved that the assistant coach was doing this, adding activities to help the team gel together.

Driving home from our last game of the season, I questioned what would cause this coach to take this action. It was due to me not always being an active leader for the team. During practice, my goal was to keep the players engaged, working on the basics and then taking full practice sessions to work on areas where the team broke down during games. All of that required active leadership skills. Active leadership requires being in the moment and holding everyone (including myself) accountable to the team. Calling the players what they are doing well could be better.

During games, I would be less active in leading the team. The other coaches would step into their roles, managing the bench, positioning half of the players on the field, etc. I would see the other head coaches not positioning themselves on the field. Instead, they would be around the bench watching the entire game picture.

Where I was not actively leading, the other coach filled in. They added the opening and closing ceremony for each game in my absence. This shortcoming in the summer season is an opportunity to grow in the upcoming fall season. Take a more active leadership role across all contexts of the teams. Allow the other coaches to impart their knowledge; after all, it takes a village.