Experience the Nuance

blocks on the floor

As everyone grows in their career, they fill a toolbox with tools for many situations. Select tools have well-worn grips from their consistent usage. Moving from role to role, we must learn and build new tools to fit the needs.

Since I have been in the industry for some time, I always thought that the problematic days would eventually disappear as the tools to solve the day's issues in my toolbox. Over the past few months, I have learned this is a wholly inaccurate train of thought. Learning how naive I had been all this time was not easy.

As you grow in a role, no doubt there are situations you are more than capable of handling. You learn to use minimal brain power in handling these situations and continue as you were. Or you understand the nuance and dive deeper. While this tool is in your toolbox, the nuance refines the device in each service.

Learning this nuance in each situation is where your power to excel lies. Tailoring your tool to the situation's needs opens more doors than it closes. The connection you make in these subtle details is impressive. This understanding brings you closer to the solution, and communication with stakeholders comes off as more confident. You begin to understand what the stakeholders are looking for and expecting from the deliverable. The bond between team members becomes reinforced as communication paths open. A tighter understanding of motivators and interests only deepens the connection.

Learning this has made the development process trivial. Knowing everyone at a deeper level around you is like having keys to the kingdom. Everything can be yours! No problem is too big or too small to be handled. Experience doesn't make the day easier, and the team makes the day easier. Working with each other makes the day easier. Having someone you know and trust makes the day easier. Concise communication makes the day easier. Follow-through makes the day easier.

Make your day easier. Get to know the people around you and what motivates them. This will not be done in a day or even a month. But take the time to learn and understand the nuance of the situations.