Saying Yes

camera on desk

While on a road trip recently, I had some time when the car was quiet to reflect. As my mind wandered through life events where I grew the most, I wondered how I got into these places of great learning. I aimed to escape a little learning slump I may be in now. During this retrospection, one word came to mind continually, yes.

Projects at work that took me to the edge of my knowledge, I got involved by saying yes to a challenge no one wanted. I was asking to be the team that would own the path forward. I said yes when questioned whether or not others should know parts of our practice. I said yes to a house that needed help in areas I was not familiar with. These occurrences have made me what I am today—defining me as a lifelong learner.

Reflecting on the past month, I have not been saying yes to new and challenging events. I have been attempting to protect what is on my schedule. Instead, is this not an opportunity for someone else to say yes to me?