Dependency Pain

javascript code on screen

Earlier this evening I had an idea for a post. It has been some time since sitting down to write a post. Trying to get back into the routine, I grabbed my laptop and settled in. In the time since last writing, newer versions of Node have been released and I have updated them for one reason or another. In upgrading the node version, I knew I would need to re-set up this blog site again, no big deal, or so I thought.

In attempting to get this blog back up in running, I thought it was a good idea to upgrade from v4 of Gatsby to the latest v5. The thought process was if I have to re-set up what is the difference if it is with the current package references or new ones? My experience with the upgrade to v4 was great.

I could not have been more wrong. After 2 plus hours on this upgrade and setup detour I was no further than when I started. In fact, I was further behind than when I started. The initial idea for the post was no longer on the top of my head. None of the work I had been doing was valuable to anyone except myself. Once I was able to realize what the priority should have been. I rolled everything back, setup the v4 version of the blog. Then began this post. Icing on the cake that was this detour, laptop battery died before completing this writeup.