Falling Out of Practice

practicing piano

It has been a while since I have contributed to this blog. Am I mad about it? Not in the slightest. But, in not writing I have learned something about myself. I am a creature of habit... SHOCKING! We often talk about what we can do to make ourselves better. Some of us want to be better parents, teachers, coaches, mentors, or better at time management. This list goes on and on. You cannot be better at something if you do not understand where you are and what could be better. I want to be a better writer and communicator. Where am I now, and what can I do to get better?

I currently have a solid handful of written posts, both on this personal blog and my professional blog. Somewhere just above the 50 mark. Not bad for a year and a half of practice. At this time I have not contributed to either blog in over 2 months. My last series of posts were all written in a batch, at the beginning of May. I know I want to get started again and that I have a couple of ideas for the next couple of posts. Now, we are all on the same page. How do I get better?

Practice. Practice. Practice. I got to where I am today by losing my momentum. I attempted to batch a series of posts to "get ahead". Thinking that this backlog of posts in the queue would give me time to work on something larger for the next post series. What do I have to show for it? NOTHING! That plan was overshadowed by binge-watching movies, watching racing, or just going to bed early. I loved every minute of it, but now it is time to get back to practicing. Becoming a better version of myself every day, every week, every month, and every year. It will not all happen at once, it never does, learn something new every day. Keep everything moving forward.