Things Are About To Get Ugly


Until now this blog has been relying on the default Hexo landscape theme. It is time for that to change. While one could go to the library of Hexo themes and choose one off the shelf. But, where is the fun in that? Also, that would shorten this blog series.

  1. Less fun
  2. Less exposure to different technologies
  3. Shortening the series

No, thank you

A Theme is Born

I'm going to name it Shrebv. Interesting name, right? I can not take credit for it. My 4-year-old son gave me the theme name. As with all projects I work on, I am going to approach this with an agile mindset. Choosing to implement the features with the highest business value first. Re-prioritizing the work as I go, as things change. Leading with functionality first, then following up with the polish.

The first and most valuable item at the top of the backlog? Creating the shell of a theme, with just enough to iterate through the posts. As soon as that is done, Shrebv will go live. Quickly following up with the removal of any references to the default landscape theme.

For historical purposes, I will be taking screenshots of the progress, so here is the site in its current form:

Initial hexo theme