Getting Started

starting line

When thinking about this new learning adventure. I did not know what shape this would take. I had recently learned that static site generators existed, specifically Jekyll. I began down the path of Jekyll. Reading through some of the documentation, trying to understand how well adopted the technology is.

Overall, Jekyll seemed great. It's adopted by GitHub Pages after all. Then I hit the first (perceived) roadblock. Installing GCC and Make. These seem like pretty low-level technologies to generate a static site. Is this really what modern development has become? My first thought was, "There has to be a better option than this."

After some more research on static site generators, I came upon Hexo. This too seemed to perform what was desired. No additional tooling is required other than an additional NPM package. Quick and easy machine setup, just one cli tool that is installed using NPM. I was sold, the technology chosen. Now how do I use it?