Something Different

a cup of coffee on desk

This is the first post, the first step, on a new adventure. The thought behind starting on this journey is to be exposed to more (different) technologies. To take a look at this world from another angle. Professionally, I have worked on dozens of websites using several technologies (Java, .NET, C#, PHP, AngularJS, Angular, React, ASP.NET, etc...). However, the patterns for all of them have been similar enough (MVVM, MVC, n-Tier, Pub/sub, etc...). Do not get me wrong, this work has been satisfying for the past several years and remains satisfying until this day. I have a strong passion for the problems being solved there. The development community is just so large, with it growing every day. I want to learn more about what else is out there. What have I not seen yet? What is old and fun? What is new and on the razor's edge?

For anyone that is close to the IT and software development world, we know there are more than a handful of ways to solve one problem. There are dozens if not hundreds of decisions made before implementing some of the most simple features. Perhaps, the patterns are already established limiting the number of decisions. Maybe this is a brand new feature, where some patterns are established. But, there are some new trails to blaze. Potentially this is a brand new project, where not one decision is made. Leaving everything up to you and the team to define nearly everything. This. This is what I am looking for. The essence of adventure. Getting uncomfortable in this new technology, reading the documentation (good or bad). Most importantly, failing. Learning from those failures. Applying them to the next decisions being made. That is the path the walking, rather than creating.

Creating that path is where I want to go. Breaking from my norm. Using technologies, platforms, and infrastructure that I do not even know about right now. How does one get started with this adventure? Creating this blog of course! Starting with a series on the decisions made in getting the blog setup. Then moved on to creating a brand new theme for the post, making it uniquely mine. So grab your boots, there is a 100% chance of adventure.